NC Medicaid Reform

A collage of photos of patients and medical service providers

How to Provide Comments on Medicaid and NC Health Choice

The Department of Health and Human Services is working to build a Medicaid system with more opportunities to improve the health and well-being of all North Carolinians. Your thoughts, ideas and comments are important to shape a system that works best for our state.

What Do You Think?

How can, or should, Medicaid:

  1. Care for the whole person to improve physical and mental health
  2. Help health care professionals transition to managed care
  3. Manage care to improve overall health, not only to treat injury or illness
  4. Consider how income, housing, lifestyle, etc., affect health and health care services
  5. Improve the quality of care
  6. Pay for value
  7. Increase access to care and treatment of substance use disorder

How to Submit Comments